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One system, infinite number of options.

Assemble "maintenance units" that are tailored to your needs and still remain flexible.

The concept for the Walther Modular Series is a modular system where different compatible components can be combined like building blocks. Depending on your needs, these components can be individually attached, removed, exchanged or rearranged in order to adjust the modular system to the new requirements.


The main advantages of this concept can be summarized as follows:

You will invest in a competitive system which can be changed or rearranged easily, and benefit from a tested and reliable combination of different, powerful components which will strengthen the availability of the system as well as your production. This gives you the opportunity to react faster to market requirements with your production technology and to reduce setting costs as
well as engineering expenses for system design.

Everything included.

Walther Modular is a maintenance unit that grows with your needs.

The Walther MODULAR system provides you with a wide range of practical components. Beside the standard components, Modular also offers the integration of specific modules such as the Air Bubble Protection System or the pressure-regulated storage container. Depending on your needs, you can thus implement even complex solutions on the broad basis of our modular system. In addition, Walther MODULAR will be continuously further developed and makes it possible to specifically integrate innovations in existing systems without trouble. This will keep your system up-to-date; and for the future, it represents high productivity, larger process windows as well as reliable process stability.


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“Make things as easy as
possible. But not simpler.“

Albert Einstein

MODULAR: media handling well
thought out.

The modern all-in-one system for conditioning,
handling and providing lubricants.

Intelligent modification instead of cumbersome upgrading.

The growing production of goods constantly confronts industrial manufacturing with new challenges. In the meantime, modern, auto-mated dosing systems are helping to make greasing and oiling more and more efficient in a wide range of industrial sectors. But to process lubricants perfectly, state-of-the-art solutions for conditioning, handling and providing lubricants are also required.


With Walther MODULAR we offer a flexible system which allows you to assemble such „maintenance units“ for the optimal handling of lubricants quickly and easily yourself.


Such a system makes good sense as product lines, production processes and material conditions are everfaster changing, and usually, the constant adaptation of conventional, integrated maintenance units is highly cost and time intensive. Modern maintenance units, which are realised with Walther MODULAR, are variable in their set-up from the very beginning; they are flexible in use, can be integrated everywhere and have a considerably faster and more cost-efficient use.



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