Dosing pump for professionals

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You will find further pump systems and components for supplying and feeding viscous media in our main catalog. Have a look or simply ask for more information in a personal conversation.

Benefit from strong features and seamless processes.

For extra performance: WPS-Professional pump systems are expandable and can be extended with a wide range of options.

Whether with media storage for uninterrupted production during container replacement processes, additional air bubble discharge, or with a homogenization unit: WPS Professional pump systems can be expanded with practical and extremely useful functions.


With the additional homogenization unit, for example, viscous media that tend to bleed from the base oil are thoroughly blended before use. The homogenization process can be carried out both after the container has been changed and after a defined service life of the container. Your advantage: Since this is done directly on site in the original container, there is no need for additional time and handling.


In order to still be able to continuously supply medium to the production system during homogenization, the pump system is also equipped with a medium storage container. The process from conditioning to feeding is thus seamless and uninterrupted.


With our new pump class for professionals, the material supply will become relaxed as never before.

Panta rhei. Everything flows ...

WPS Pro: Automated
reliability in series.

Our “Master of Zen“ guarantees that nothing can go wrong and lets you comfortably watch the production.

WPS Professional is a fully automated pump system that reduces the worker’s influence to a minimum, provides greatest purity of the medium through an integrated filter system and monitors different process parameters, in order to ensure a smooth material extraction and supply. Thanks to an integrated fieldbus system, the pump system can

also be perfectly integrated into state-of-the-art control architectures. As a next level system, WPS Professional thus provides you with a wide range of professional functions to increase the availability, performance and quality of your overall plant.

Feed Pump for Dispensing Systems

Simple handling, uncompromising quality.

Your advantages:

  • Operation through HMI with clear pictograms
  • automated container replacementwizard guides the worker step by step
  • automated venting after container replacement
  • continuous monitoring of contamination status of integrated filter system
  • BUS system for an operation with superordinate control units
  • freely configurable, digital alarm outlets
  • continuous monitoring and providing of different process parameter (pressure, filling level, operation time, follower plate pressure)
  • expandible by various options

Your benefits:

  • Also less qualified personnel will be able to operate the pump system without error
  • increase of OEE by avoiding errors induced by the supply system
  • pump system for professional use in automated plants and systems
  • automated pressure relief below the follower plate does not result in loss of medium

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