Walther Advanced Degassing Station

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WADS-01 not only discharges gas inclusions, but also warns you directly if something is wrong. The station uses definable threshold values to monitor process variables such as the number of air bubbles, the accumulated air bubble time, the discharge time or the percentage of the memory level and can report the excess or undershoot via freely configurable digital outputs.


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With Advanced Degassing Station,
you can prepare lubricants optimally
for application in no time at all.

Simply free of gas
and air bubbles.

Highly efficient, easy to control and unusually flexible.

  • WADS-01 is specially designed for the processing of liquid and viscous materials such as grease (up to NLGI 3). This fact alone sets WADS apart.
  • WADS-01 works very precisely and reduces rejects. The system only separates the part of the medium that is actually affected by gas inclusions.
  • WADS-01 also detects very small inclusions from a size of 10 [mm³] (0.01 [ml]).
  • WADS-01 ensures the continuous supply of the order system and the continuous production by means of an internal storage unit during the discharge or when the container is changed.
  • WADS-01 automatically discharges any air that may have been introduced in advance of a container change. This also speeds up the workflow.
  • WADS-01 can be integrated into supply systems with inlet pressures of up to 150 bar. The output pressure can, however, be increased to up to 250 bar using the integrated high pressure pump (ratio 25: 1).
  • WADS-01 works independently and can be integrated into existing process chains as a stationary solution using “plug & play”. Operation is via the integrated control panel.
  • The WADS-01 can also be controlled via remote control via the PLC: the Ethernet bus interface (Modbus TCP) enables full system integration.
  • WADS-01 offers extensive functions such as the monitoring of various process variables based on definable threshold values.
  • WADS-01 is compact and finds space even in limited production space.

WADS "scans" your medium for gas inclusions and discharges them in a material-saving manner.

Benefit from more stability and less wastage in application processes.

Gas inclusions in the application system reduce the reproducibility and repeatability of industrial dosing and application processes. Among other things, they lead to to premature aging of the medium, low-volume dosing, extensive contamination with the medium and damage to the dosing valve.


With the Walther Advanced Degassing Station – or WADS for short – you can specifically counteract these and other problems. The station is specially designed for the treatment of low to high viscosity materials, detects even the smallest gas bubbles in the medium volume flow and discharges them efficiently. In this way, you reliably free your medium from disruptive gas inclusions, protect your system from damage, and reliably and sustainably stabilize the quality of material, application, and production.


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