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Figure right: Examples of various customer components.

Are you planning a dosing process or a new application?


We develop and build dosing systems; e.g. for the automotive, pharmaceutical, food, rubber, chemical and metal processing industries – of course also for your products.

If you already know which material you want to process and dispense and have initial ideas about the smallest and largest quantities to be applied, just get in touch with us. We will be happy to check in advance which requirements your dosing system must optimally fulfill with regard to the medium.

Your specialist for dosing technology

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We are there for you. From the planning of individual dosing systems and dosing plants to commissioning and beyond.

Because only metering and application technology that is optimally matched to production processes ensures smooth production.

As a project partner, we support customers with our services in the implementation of the idea and beyond the commissioning of technical dosing applications. We are always at our customers' side as a producer, supplier and service provider for dosing systems. In addition to technical aspects, we always keep an eye on factors such as economic efficiency, protection of the environment and health, quality assurance as well as legal provisions and industry-specific guidelines.


We plan, sample, run preliminary tests, integrate dosing systems with enormous meticulousness into the production process and deliver the solution ready for assembly. In order to fully meet our own quality requirements and those defined by customers, we only complete a project after testing, optimization and technical training. This ultimately results in a dosing system that is precisely adapted to the smallest detail, which simplifies the production process and leads to permanent time and cost savings.


The right solution for every task.

Efficient dosing systems; tailored precisely to customer needs.

When implementing or realizing customer-specific dosing and application solutions, we rely on a modular concept developed in-house with standardized modular products. The result are first-class, individual solutions for every dispensing application.


From individual dosing components to comprehensive complete systems, from small manual to large fully automatic dosing systems including integrative robotics: We plan, design and manufacture for you what distinguishes excellent dosing technology.

Your competence in technology, systems, fixtures and equipment for metering & dispensing.

Walther Systemtechnik: We supply integrative concepts & special solutions.

Whether gluing, sealing, coating, greasing or oiling: From automotive technology to electronics and medical technology all the way to the food industry, cosmetics and white goods, there are hardly any areas in which the dosing and application of low, medium and high viscosity liquids and pastes is not relevant to production. In order to develop the optimal dosing system for specific applications, it is necessary to take a holistic view of production systems and process chains. That is the reason why we take the term system technology literally and understand production plants as a complete system in which our dosing technology is seamlessly integrated.


Many years of experience in special machine construction, extensive knowledge of materials and specialization in dosing and application processes form the basis for optimal solutions and best results in the development of efficient metering and dispensing systems. This applies to the manual application process as well as to highly developed automation processes. This is why our solutions for dosing and applying low to high viscosity media can be found in almost all manufacturing sectors. Whether for oils, greases, adhesives, paints, preservatives, silicones, release agents, acids, lyes or primers: We produce and supply the appropriate dosing systems, equipment and components. Thereby we focus on high quality standards as well as on highest precision and exact reproducibility in the application of your medium.

Our job: to apply your media
to your product with position
and quantity accuracy.

Our passion: Highly efficient metering and dispensing systems.

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