Diagnosable Filter System

Diagnosefähiges Filtersystem
  • Monitors filter contamination and additional process values continuously
  • Integrated display for setup and status indication
  • Communication with overlaid controls via digital output signals and/or field bus
  • Robust filter cartridge design
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Material distributor / Fluid manifold

  • Evenly spreads grease, pastes and oils
  • The medium distributors are used for distributing material, control air and atomizer air
  • They are made of different materials
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Material pressure relief

  • During a pump standstill, the pipes will be relieved
  • Re-supplies the still pressurized material back into the container or into a safety tank
  • Two types available
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Media storage

  • Automatic solution for pressure relief in the whole system
  • Gentle with the grease and reduces an eventual bleeding
  • Can be used in long material lines, on the high pressure side (near the pump) as well as in the processing cell itself
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Grease filter

Fettfilter mit Filtereinsatz
  • Made of high-strength aluminum
  • Available in different finenesses
  • The adequate filter inlay must be added to the basic version!
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Pressure Regulator for grease and oil

  • For connection with grease pumps
  • Reduces and stabilizes material pressures
  • with either one or two material pressure manometers optionally
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  • Available in different materials
  • Available in different working pressures
  • Available in different thread connections
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Temperature Controller-Limiter for Air Heater Hoses

  • Mounted in a wallmounted casing with transparent cover
  • Suitable for warming heating hoses or other heatings
  • The temperature limiter has an own temperature sensor
  • Automatically turns the heating on or off
  • Designed for an output of 2000W
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Heating Hoses

Lufterwärmerschläuche 230V
  • Heated hoses for transportation
  • Flexibel
  • Keeping the product temperature constant
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Tool Set

  • Designed for the disassembly of and carrying out workmanlike maintenance tasks
  • Usable for on spray, pulse and full jet valves
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Cleaning Kit

  • Used to clean valves
  • Designed for cleaning spray, pulse and full jet valves
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Assembly Kit SAVE

Bausätze Save
  • Prevent an unauthorized resetting
  • Safety measures for guaranteeing process safety in application technology
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Heating Systems

  • for material and spray air
Technical Information

Nozzle Extensions

  • We produce a large number of nozzle extensions for different kinds of applications, as well as different nozzles and air caps for individual adjustment of the spray image.