SupplyingDosing systems for many media

Supplying of the media in high quality is the basic for a high-precision dosing

All that matters is the quantity

No matter whether you are dosing manually or fully automatically, we can provide the matching application systems. High-precision repeatability and clean application make our manual systems the economic tool for individual production and also small batches. Our valves can be smoothly integrated into industrial processes. In large-scale productions with high dosing speeds the valves are highly reliable tools as well.


  • For 1 - 10 kg Containers
  • The ideal solution for your lubrication tasks
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  • Barrel lifter pump for 10 – 50 kg Containers
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  • Barrel-lift pump for 50 to 180 kg containers
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Small-Scale Supply Unit

  • For 0.25 to 10 kg containers
  • Also for cartridges
  • Space-saving
  • Ideal for manual workstations
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Grease supply system

  • For 14 – 180 kg Container
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Pressure tanks

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Available with 2, 5, 12, 20, 40 l capacity
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WALTHER grease tank

Walther Fettbehälter
  • WALTHER grease tanks guarantee highest process reliability
  • Grease capacity 1 – 2 kg
  • Operating pressure 0 – 18 bar
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Barrel cap

  • Protection from pollution
  • Privacy protection
  • Available for:
  • SENIOR-System
  • JUNIOR-System
  • MINI-System
  • Small Scale Supply Unit

Membrane Pressure Regulator