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Highest Process Safety is important

Logic limit value module WLG

Grenzwertmodul WLG
  • Especially developed for improving the process safety of dosing, spraying, and pulsing tasks
  • It is possible to record characteristic pressure curves for defining limit values
  • Recording function for exact analysis of the pressure conditions
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Software for WALTHER logic limit value module

Software for WLG
  • Recording and analyzing pressure curves
  • Easy parameterization of limit values via PC
  • Easy visualization and parameterization of limit values via PC
  • Combination of pressure and needle monitoring
  • Delay times optionally adjustable
  • Entry of characteristic times
  • Parameter selection possible via PLC for changing dosing amounts
  • Saving of and selecting from up to 64 parameter sets
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WALTHER Logic Valve Controller WLVC

WALTHER Logic Valve Controller WLVC
  • Control of up to 4 valves
  • Control of up to 4 heating units
  • Opening times starting at 100μsec
  • Saving up to 64 programs
  • Easy parameterization via PC
  • Works independently in the background according to presetting
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WALTHER Logic Valve Controller WLVC MINI

WALTHER Logic Valve Controller WLVC MINI
  • Control of an electro-pneumatic valve
  • Control of a hotplate
  • Opening times starting at 100μsec
  • Delivery incl. Software
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Sensor for raster needle detection

SMS-04 mit Rasternadelabfrage
  • Spraying valves are equipped with an inductive proximity switch to scan the movements of the needle
  • Delivery incl. a moulded cable, length 200 mm without plug
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Pressure Sensor 97PA-21Y

  • For high pressures up to 400bar
  • In connection with the WLG, an optimum process control can be performed
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Pressure sensors 9704280xx electronic

Drucksensor 9704280xx
  • Electronic sensor
  • Pressure control of high pressures
  • up to 400bar
  • Used with low-viscosity media
  • Delivery includes a 200 mm molded cable (shielded)
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Gearwheel Flow Meter

Zahnrad Durchflussmesser VC 9794xx/ 97PO01xxxxxxxx
  • Quantity measuring for oils and greases
  • For quantities of 50 mm³ and above
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Flow rate sensor 97215251.00

Durchflusssensor 97215251.00
  • Sensor also registers failures
  • Minimum quantity of 5 mm³
  • Clear identification if the dosed medium was conveyed correctly from the dosing valve to the dosing location
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Flow rate sensor 971028300

Durchflusssensor 971028300
  • Surveillance of the volume flow of liquids
  • Housing, piston and spring are made out of stainless steel
  • Through the media flow the mechanical spring stabilized piston will be ejected
  • The flow control surveillance could be adjusted to different viscous fluids through changing the magnetic sensor
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Optical Sensor

  • Optical monitoring of the dosed medium
  • Guarantees a high, consistent product quality
  • Used from -40 up to + 400°C
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Grease and color sensor

RGB Sensor
  • A valuable option for process control
  • Operates on the basis of light waves
  • Photo-receiver switch has also been integrated into the compact probe head
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Light Barrier

  • Digital counting of oil and grease dots
  • High process safety
  • Space-saving quality control

Metering Unit

  • For measuring the dosed quantity
  • For spray and full-jet valves
  • Gentle measuring process for the medium
  • High-quality metering technology

Stationary Pressure Sensor

  • Monitoring the applied pressure in the system
  • With digital display