The configuration of a metering and dispensing system

Dosing system for bonding

Dosing system for lubrication

1. Pumpensystem WPSK Professional

2. Hochdruckschlauch HDS

3. Advanced Degassing Station WADSK


4. Verteilermodul WVM

5. Verstärkerumpe WBPK

6. Zahnradvolumenstromzähler WGFMK

7. Materialdruckregler WMDRK

8. Vollstrahlventil VMSK-02

9. Sprühventil SMSK-02

Bonding system

Lubrication system

1. Pumpensystem WPS Advanced

2. Hochdruckschlauch HDS

3. Advanced Degassing Station WADS

4. Verteilermodul WVM

5. Materialdruckregler WMDR

6. Zahnradvolumenstromzähler WGFM

7. Micro-Point-Pulsventil MPP-03

8. Sprühventil SMS-02

Reduce your development effort with modularized system components.


The shortest route to efficient, contemporary and reliable dosing technology for liquid and pasty media starts here. Talk to us.

As a specialist in dosing technology and dosing systems, we offer you a large number of innovative components and help you to implement your project successfully.

Dosing systems

Stay curious, discover for yourself.

We support you in all fields of metering and dispensing liquid and viscous media. Explore our
well thought-out solution portfolio now.

With system technology from
Walther, you can design highly
individual metering systems with
little development effort.

Special tasks
require special

Simple, quick and efficient: Configure and set up individual dispensing systems.

Develop a dosing system for liquids and highly viscous media that is precisely tailored to your needs. With system technology from Walther.

To set up a dosing application, technical modules and components with precisely defined performance areas are combined to form an overall system. Our system examples show two basic specifications of tried and tested dispensing applications that are based on our modular construction system.

The exemplary structure of a lubrication system.

Create your individual dosing and application system for lubrication tasks.

The exemplary structure of an adhesive system.

Create your individual dispensing and application system for bonding tasks.

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