The application of viscous media

Examples of applications

Volumetric dosing


Examples of applications

Pulsing and jetting

Examples of applications

Are you looking for the right valve technology to apply a special medium?


In our technical center we carry out application-related tests for our customers. This applies to your case as well. After checking material properties such as viscosity or density, we can recommend the dosing valve that really suits your metering application.

Our team of experienced application engineers and experts for the dosing and application of viscous media is at your disposal to discuss further details with you.

Your specialist for appling viscous media

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Dosing valves from Walther Systemtechnik – for precise
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The application. A clean job.

Spray valves

Our spray valves apply the medium as a homogeneous and thin film without fogging. The special valve and nozzle technology with individual, precise air atomization is the main advantage of industrial spray dosing.


  • Suitable for automated and manual applications
  • Can be controlled pneumatically and electro-pneumatically
  • Ideal for high processing speeds
  • Safe, drip-free valve locking
  • Different nozzle combinations possible
  • Nozzle extensions available for complex spraying tasks

Pulse and jet valves

Our pulse valves were specially developed for the contactless application of viscous media. With the non-contact metering, hard-to-reach areas such as holes and hidden geometries can be reached.


  • Electropneumatic and electrically controllable
  • Flexibility through exchangeable nozzle and dispensing needle
  • Excellent integration into any production system
  • Ideal for high processing speeds
  • No overspray, no medium carryover
  • High material savings compared to manual and contact dispensing

Valve technology for dosing applications

For the application of lubricants, adhesives, silicones, lyes, primers, anti-squeak paints, preservatives and much more.

Our dosing valves are used for dispensing and applying liquid and pasty media in the area of manufacturing and production as well as within various work areas of laboratories. Since exact dosing is required for maximum effectiveness with minimum consumption, the first thing to do is to choose exactly the valve that is suitable for the liquid or paste to be applied and that guarantees absolute precision.

However, in addition to the precise opening and closing of the dispensing valve, functional handling is also decisive for maximum efficiency. This should be suitable for the respective area of application, be based on the properties of the viscous medium to be processed and integrate seamlessly into the overall system. Characteristics such as size, maintenance cycles and cleaning requirements play an important role in the selection of the right metering valve. Depending on the material to be processed, the component geometry and the application conditions, different types of valves are therefore used when applying viscous liquids and pastes.

Dosing valves

Highly precise reproducibility and clean application make our metering valves economical tools in both individual and large-scale production. The valves can be seamlessly integrated into processes with high dispensing speeds.


  • Suitable for automated and manual applications
  • Dosing range 0.0005 - 6.0000 cm³
  • For systems with up to 200 [bar]
  • For greases, oils, pastes and sealing compounds
  • High-precision reproducibility
  • Maximum process reliability, even with the smallest dispensing volumes

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